Custom Software Development

We have energetic and intelligent staff with a passion for empowering businesses through the development.
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IT Advisory

The right technology implemented properly, correctly managed and monitored, often lead to visible advantages and gains in business efficiency and growth.
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Mobile Application Development

With our constant up to date technology, we develop innovative and efficient mobile technologies.
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About APS

African Proficient Software, previously trading as Leverage Point, is a software development company that is focused on Custom Software Development, Software outsourcing services, mobile application development, and ITC Governance Framework Solutions. With more than 5 years of experience in software development, we have developed innovative and intelligent software solutions that aim to meet the needs of the clients and surpass them.
We have energetic and intelligent staff with a passion for empowering businesses through the development and use of information and communications technologies. Our staff possess the skills and knowledge necessary to visualize the ICT needs of organizations and to meet those needs with innovative and intelligent solutions.

Our approach is guided and driven by the following strengths:

  • Focused Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Winning Strategy
Together we will explore creative options you would not have envisaged in your day to day operations. We then evaluate those options based on your goals not subjective to trendy styles. We will take calculated and unexpected creative risks to find the perfect fit to visually articulate your desired goals. Our starting point is that we see not only innovative design as a key instrument in your business or institution’s performance, but also the services necessary to sustain your growth as the different ecosystems continue to mature and change on assisting clients.

Driven by relooking and breaking down the impossible idea, and developing a focused and detailed observation. We will study the problem, assess the opportunities, understand your organization and apply our expertise to your unique challenge. We will work together to clarify your project vision, scope and requirements. We will find a way to emerge with a surprisingly great business opportunity within your existing business.

In all our service offerings, we will always devise and develop a unique strategy that requires our disciplined and proven strategy to put your ideas a step ahead of your opponents and emerge with winning methods. We take the time to understand who you are and where you are going. We clarify your vision and redefine your strategies. We ask a lot of questions. We listen. We wrestle with the why and what of your project, operations or ambitions before the how, how much and how long.